Antimatter Gaming

Antimatter is a multifaceted eSports organization that has professional rosters across a variety of titles. Additionally, Antimatter has an expressed focus on both in-person or remote live events, broadcast production, and content creation. It is our core belief that eSports should be equitable for players and provide talent to develop their brand. We seek to lower the barrier of entry to the scene by offering an accessible ecosystem that puts people first.

Our Partners

Flash for Everyone

Antimatter is proud to announce Flash for Everyone as one of its partner organizations. Flash is a Pokémon GO PvP community that specializes in hosting live show 6 tournaments. In addition to spontaneous live events, or flash tournaments, Flash for Everyone also hosts bi-monthly scheduled live events featuring cash prizes for top finishers and spiciest team. The Flash team is committed to providing the most reliable and well-run remote training hub for Play Pokémon, Open Great League, or other custom metas. Flash for Everyone also prides itself on serving as an international hub to link up trainers from regions around the world and supporting locals and in-person events.
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Steven Costello (BrokenArrow)

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Haack (zioncmnd)

Chief Operating Officer