Today marks the launch of our new website in which we offer an improved layout and increased accessibility. We had many goals in this redesign, such as providing more support to our gaming/content teams, linking up with fans, and creating a networking hub for our future partners. Expect monthly updates on our news page about our teams, new activities in gaming space, and other information relevant to eSports and/or gaming.

Are you a content creator, team, or business looking to join Antimatter? Please contact our managment team; serious inquiries only.

What does the future bring?

Antimatter recognizes that eSports is an ever changing and evolving field, and we plan to keep our hands on the pulse of that greater ecosytem. We also want to have fun in the space, and so we provide merchandise, coffee, and other perks so we can enjoy our time while we compete. Don't forget to follow our socials to stay up to date with our teams and news from around the organization.